Better Fuel EFIE oxygen sensor controllers

All other EFIEs are old technology and assume a slow input waveform from the oxygen sensors. They produce satisfactory results when given the anticipated signal which is in vehicles up to model year 2000.

Cars newer than year 2000 are equipped with much faster sensors and make these “old” digital EFIEs ineffective.
If your vehicle is less than 16 years old, you require a Better Fuel EFIE that is able to manipulate fast input signals and achieve fuel economy gains.

The Oxygen sensors are the heart of the fuelling system and when you cannot control them, you have no gains.

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Buy AutoTuner or DieselTuner oxygen sensor controller

Pure Hydrogen generator

It is a common misconception that the oxygen in HHO is causing the troubles with oxygen sensors.
In fact this very tiny amount of oxygen makes no difference. It is the enhanced combustion created by HHO that the oxygen sensors react to.