Analog current meter

Analog meters (needle type, not digital) such as this, operate only in “shunt mode”, which means you do not feed the entire 20 amps through the meter. The maximum 20 amps of current go through a “shunt” resistor and only tiny amount bleeds off to this very sensitive instrument.


This meter tells how much current goes through the generator. You can then set your PWM controller and/or amount of chemicals to get the perfect amount of HHO.

More current = More HHO. When the current starts to drop, it’s time to add more water.

AMP meter allows to:

  • Set the amount of chemicals you need
  • Adjust PWM controller to the precise output
  • Adjust the correct amount of HHO for maximum efficiency gains in your car
  • Avoid over heating HHO system
  • See when water is low or there is a need to add more chemicals (current starts to drop when either of these happens).

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