ProTuner – universal Hydrogen and sensor controller

ProTuner is the result of an expansive development effort of our team of engineers, consultants of vehicle sensor producers and the largest engine manufacturers.

It is the most complete fuel optimization system available today. A powerful microprocessor and sophisticated programming carefully enhance your fuel injection system. The result – an excellent reduction in fuel consumption while preserving the original engine performance.

ProTuner controls all the sensors of the fueling system. Most importantly, it balances the signals of the sensors and maintains harmony within the vehicle’s computer system; which is the key to fuel savings.

US $250

ProTuner Advantages:

Built-in CCPWM
Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) is a device that controls the current, the amount of HHO produced and the temperature of the operation

Constant Current PWM (CCPWM) means the current and HHO flow rate remain constant even when the water gets low or the generator heats up, providing the best performance and gains.

Remote low water indicator
Flashing light in the cabin alerts you when the HHO generator requires servicing

Built-in AMP meter
No need for an external AMP meter

Advanced safety features
ProTuner automatically turns itself on/off ONLY when the engine is running.

Cold weather delay
Adjustable cold weather delay allows the engine to warm up before tuning for best engine performance

LCD display
Allows the user to monitor the status of the HHO system and measured amperage.

Ease of use
The digital LCD display shows the sensor adjustment settings.
The ProTuner has a three button navigation interface to select and adjust sensors or regulate the HHO settings.

Precision Output
Powerful microprocessor automatically controls an accurate constant current output with precise 0.5 Amp steps.

Direct battery connection
No relay required, no need to look for ignition switched power supply.

ProTuner is 100% compatibility with all vehicle types. It is perfect for any engine, operating on gasoline, diesel or LPG.

Tune like a pro or just keep it simple. You may start with a single wire connection or connect all the sensors and let ProTuner completely remap your fuel system. The more sensors you connect and tune, the greater are your fuel saving results.

No fans or other moving parts to break down. Proven, field tested design. Professionally manufactured equipment.

Excellent installation instructions
Professionally written, easy to understand instructions.

ProTuner Specifications:

  • Compatible with 12 Volt or 24 Volt vehicles
  • Maximum Load: 30 amps
  • Physical size: 12 x 9 x 3 cm

ProTuner controls the following sensors:

  • Front narrowband oxygen sensors (Front narrowband EFIE)
  • Front wideband oxygen sensors (Front wideband EFIE)
  • Rear Oxygen sensors (Rear EFIE)
  • MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure
  • MAF – Mass Air Flow
  • IAT – Intake Air Temperature

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ProTuner engine sensor controller
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Complete tuning for hydrogen HHO generators: PWM, MAP, MAF, all EFIEs.
USD 250
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