• Improvement of fuel economy
  • Significant reduction in emissions
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Greater torque and a smoother, stronger acceleration
  • Increased engine power
  • Cleaner oil due to reduced amount of carbon deposits in the engine


Controlled tests demonstrated 56% and 39% improvement in mileage in gasoline and diesel vehicles respectively.

  • AutoTuner controller alone: 18-35%
  • AutoTuner + Hydrogen: 25-56%
  • DieselTuner + Hydrogen: 15-39%


Better Fuel systems are designed to work in all types of vehicles.
The correct combination of a hydrogen generator and an electronic controller is required to achieve maximum fuel saving results.

  • Select the generator appropriate for the size of your engine
  • Use an AutoTuner controller for a gasoline engine
  • Use a DieselTuner controller for a diesel engine

hydrogen and fuel economy

Hydrogen HHO generators use electricity from the battery of a vehicle to split water (H2O) into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The resultant gas is referred to as HHO.

Hydrogen is generated only when the engine of the vehicle is activated and it is never stored in the system. The instant that HHO is produced, it gets immediately injected into the engine where it blends with the existing fuel.

The mixture of HHO and fuel burns more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and the amount of pollutants released in the air.


AutoTuner injector controller

A fully automated device that takes control of the injection system providing unprecedented economy gains.

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Injector controller. Hydrogen current controller PWM
Hydrogen generator for cars

hho generators

Extremely efficient electrode design maximizes HHO output, offers coolest operation and longest service life.
Compatible with 12 Volts and 24 Volts engines

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