Recommended HHO equipment

The correct combination of a hydrogen generator and an electronic controller is required to achieve maximum fuel saving results.

  • Select generator from the chart below
  • Use a ProTuner controller

Gasoline engines consume excessive fuel, while diesel vehicles operate on an excess of air. These entirely different technologies require different approaches.

Better Fuel has developed a unique solution to effectively reduce fuel consumption on both types of engines.

How to select a hydrogen generator

The choice of a generator is determined by the engine size of the vehicle you plan to install this equipment on.

engine size
hydrogen generator

Effect of hydrogen in different types of engines

Fuel injected vehicles are equipped with multiple sensors. The ECU monitors all the sensors and it is programmed to expect a certain “normal” behavior.

Hydrogen alters the combustion properties of the existing fuel. When the sensors detect this unexpected condition, the ECU responds by adding more fuel and negating the improvement in fuel economy.

If sensors are not adjusted properly, there will be more power and torque, but no fuel savings.

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ProTuner controller

ProTuner is a universal fuel reduction system compatible with all types of engines.

It consists of two independent products integrated into one device:

  • Fuelling system Sensor Controller
  • High output Current Controller for a hydrogen generator

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Fuel saving results:

Gasoline: ProTuner + Hydrogen: 25-56%

Diesel: ProTuner + Hydrogen: 15-39%

Not sure which Hydrogen kit is best for your vehicle?

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