Is HHO safe?

Better Fuel generators produce Hydrogen “on-demand”, which means the gas is
consumed by the engine as fast as it is produced. It is never accumulated or stored and is perfectly safe.

To ensure 100% safety, all Better Fuel controllers always shut down HHO production when the engine is not running.

Will this Hydrogen system work in my car

Yes, our HHO generators and electronic controllers are designed to work in all types of vehicles.

All you have to do is:

  • Select the right sized generator for your engine
  • Use a ProTuner controller for a fuel-injected engine
  • Use a CCPWM controller for a carburetor engine
  • Install the generator without any air leaks
  • Connect the wires as per installation instructions

What improvement in mileage should I expect?

Automotive HHO technology is proven to improve horse power, increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. In our experiments with a Jeep Liberty, we were able to achieve 54% improvement in mileage.

Results vary depending on amount of hydrogen produced by the generator, quality of the installation and whether you chose to fine tune the sensors of your vehicle with one of our sensor manipulators.

Can Hydrogen damage the engine of my car?

No damage is possible.

HHO protects the engine by slightly lowering the temperature of the combustion. The fuel is burned more cleanly and completely resulting in cleaner engine oil and less carbon build up in the combustion chamber; both contributing to an extended engine life.

Will it work on a diesel engine?

Yes, HHO works perfectly on diesels.
Usually, installation of the system is simpler as there are fewer sensors and less computer intervention to address.

Do you include installation instructions?

We provide installation instructions in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Our manuals offer step-by-step, easy to understand instructions with sections of more technical information for those who are interested.

Can I do the installation myself?

Most of our customers do the installation themselves. In our manual we guide you through every step and provide tips and shortcuts for those who are not mechanically inclined.

What is the best location to mount the generator?

Choose a mounting location away from engine heat to allow for maximum air flow and coolest operation.

The most common installation location for the cell is between the grill and the radiator.

Other spots:

-Near the firewall and brake booster.

-If space is limited, look under the car and view the engine compartment from the underside. Many potential installation locations, that are not visible from the top, can be found here.

-If there are no other options, installation in the trunk of the car is acceptable, although the air circulation is limited and the generator may operate warmer than desired.

CarKit HHO generator installed

How much Hydrogen is needed for my engine?

The amount of HHO required for a particular vehicle is determined by the capacity of the engine. You need to get 0.15 to 0.25 Litres/minute per 1L of engine size. For example, a good choice for a 3L engine would be a generator producing hydrogen at the rate of 0.5 L/minute.

Hydrogen supplementation is subject to the laws of diminishing returns. Mixing HHO and fuel improves the efficiency of the engine, but only to a certain point. Tests show that flooding the engine with too much Hydrogen DECREASES its efficiency and performance.

HHO needed per liter of engine formula

How much electricity is needed to produce HHO?

Only 7 to 10 amps of current are needed to create enough HHO for a standard 3L engine. This current draw is similar to turning on the stereo.

The approximate formula is: Amps = Engine Size (Litres) x 2.5

electricity needed to produce HHO per liter of engine formula

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