AutoTuner – maximum fuel savings made easy

AutoTuner is the most advanced and effective Hydrogen and injector controller in the world. Its unique approach to fuel savings takes control of the fueling system providing unprecedented economy gains

AutoTuner is a fully automated fuel reduction system that requires virtually no technical expertise for installation and use. This highly simplified system is a truly “plug and play” device that delivers instant results while maintaining original engine performance.

Typical results:

AutoTuner alone: 18-30%
AutoTuner + HHO: 30-50%

US $300

AutoTuner Advantages:

Can be used with or without HHO
Installing HHO allows the vehicle to achieve greater economy gains

Can be use with or without injector extenders
Extenders plug into the injectors of the engine eliminating the need to cut wires

Powerful integrated CCPWM
PWM is a device that controls the current, the amount of HHO produced and the temperature of the operation

Constant Current PWM (CCPWM) means the current and HHO flow rate remain constant even when the water gets low or the generator heats up, providing the best performance and gains

Remote low water indicator
Flashing light in the cabin alerts you when the HHO generator requires servicing

Built-in AMP meter
No need for an external AMP meter

Advanced safety features
AutoTuner automatically turns itself on ONLY when the engine is running

Cold weather delay
Adjustable cold weather delay allows the engine to warm up before tuning for best engine performance

Ease of use and installation
AutoTuner has a simple three button navigation interface.
The device features unprecedented ease of installation that enables users to complete the installation without the help of a mechanic

Precision control
Powerful microprocessor automatically adjusts every fuel pulse sent to the engine and controls an accurate current output of 0.5 Amp steps for HHO

LCD display
Allows the user to monitor the status of the HHO system and measured amperage

No fans or other moving parts to break down. Proven, field tested design. Professionally manufactured equipment

Excellent installation instructions
Professionally written, easy to understand instructions

AutoTuner Specifications:

  • Compatible with 12 Volt vehicles
  • Maximum Load: 25 amps
  • Physical size: 12 x 9 x 3 cm


AutoTuner is designed to work with gasoline powered vehicles with conventional multi-port fuel injection that injects fuel into the intake tract or cylinder port

AutoTuner is not compatible with diesel powered engines or gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines where the fuel is injected inside the engine cylinder.

97% of vehicles are equipped with multi-port injection systems.

Read more about system compatibility here

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