This is a universal hydrogen and sensor controller compatible with all diesel engines

DieselTuner consists of two independent products integrated into a single device:

  • Fuelling system Sensor Controller
  • High output Current Controller for a hydrogen generator

DieselTuner balances the signals of the sensors to accommodate the altered combustion created by hydrogen. The result is an excellent reduction in fuel consumption while preserving the original engine performance

This state of the art device is loaded with advanced safety features to protect itself and all your equipment

US $250

DieselTuner features:

CCPWM device to control the current supplied to the hydrogen generator, the amount of hydrogen produced and the temperature of operation.

Built-in AMP meter provides real time status of the hydrogen system

Remote low water indicator alerts you when the hydrogen generator requires servicing

Advanced safety protocols

  • DieselTuner automatically turns itself on/off, producing hydrogen only when the engine is running
  • Automatic power off for low water and current overload conditions

Adjustable cold weather delay maintains best vehicle performance by allowing the engine to warm up before tuning

Compatibility: 12 Volt, 24 Volt vehicles

Maximum load: 50 amps of current in precise increments of 0.5 amps

Professionally written, easy to understand instructions

DieselTuner controls the following sensors:

  • Front narrowband oxygen sensors (Narrowband EFIE)
  • Front wideband oxygen sensors (Wideband EFIE)
  • Rear Oxygen sensors (Rear EFIE)
  • MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure
  • MAF – Mass Air Flow
  • IAT – Intake Air Temperature

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Brand Name
DieselTuner engine sensor controller
Product Name
Complete tuning for hydrogen HHO generators for diesels: PWM, MAP, MAF, all oxygen sensors
USD 250
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Available in Stock
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